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Aura Property Hotels Broker

Lease Hotels

Lease Hotels

Aura Property has developed enduring & trusted business relationships with several hundred hotel owners, 100+ well established Hospitality Players (Individual hoteliers), nearly all renowned hotel management companies (brand operators - both domestic and international hotel chains).   

Services to the Tenants:

  • Identify suitable hotels matching to the Tenant’s requirements.
  • Presenting tenants profile to the hotel owners and conduct introduction & negotiation meetings.   Participate in negotiations with regards to the rent, security and lease terms.
  • Preparation of Lease Deeds and advice on clauses.
  • Advice tenants on market trends, business potential, occupancy, ARR and GOP. 

As a mediator we help resolve amicably any dispute, difference, claim or question that shall arise between the owner and tenant. 

Attract top tenants to your property
Services to Hotel Owners :

  • Identify suitable Tenants who qualify the profile & financial requirements of the owners.
  • Participate in negotiations with regards to the rent, security and lease terms.
  • Advice owners on Market Trends. 
  • Ensure tenants well understand that rent is paid on time and the property is respected & maintained.
  • We comprehend that anything money/property-driven is fairly sensitive. We listen and understand the conflict. Our conflict resolution service shall help resolve the disagreements and promote healthy landlord-tenant relationship.

We believe the work done at the beginning of a tenancy can pay off at the end, saving all parties time and money.

(From the Owner and the Lessee)

Brokerage: 15 days to 30 days rent (Depends on duration of the Lease and deal size)

Lease Period upto 2 years: 15 days rent
Lease Period 2 to 5 years: 21 days rent
Lease period above 5 years: 30 days rent

Ready to amicably discuss with the Owner/Lessee regarding our brokerage.
(Minimum 15 days fee is charged). 

Payment Terms: 50% on signing the lease deed/MOU and 50% on the day of possession.