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Aura Property Hotel Brokers

Management contract

Management contract

Aura Property has developed enduring & trusted business relationships with several hundred hotel owners and almost all renowned hotel management companies (brand operators - both domestic and international hotel chains).   

Our forte lies in forging strategic alliances between the Owners and Hotel Management Companies. With a deep understanding of hospitality sector, we are adept at evaluating the market.



Deciding on Hotel Management Companies (Brand Operators): We help the hotel owners identify the right Hotel Management Company (Brand operator or individual operator) that can maximize the value of their asset. Help owners negotiate on the Joining Fees, Technical Fees, Management Fees, Sales & Marketing fees, Incentive fees, Contract Term Length, Lock-in Period, and Exit clauses. Arrange the hotel site visit to make a first-hand assessment and prepare financial feasibility (financial projections) for the owners perusal. Thus, we help sign an agreement that shall result in maximizing Average Room Revenue (ARR), Occupancy, Turnover (gross income), ROI, desired GOP (Gross operating profit), expand markets and to craft an asset’s brand to reflect the needs of the market and stand out from the competition. 

Aura Property specialize into Business Development / Property Acquisition and serves as an extension arm to the Hotel Chains for sourcing properties across locations suiting their requirement and expansion plans.


*Brokerage: INR Ten thousand to Fifteen thousand per key (One time only) from the owner we represent.
*Brokerage: (Finder’s Fees/ Referral Fees): 20% of the Joining/Technical Fees Plus 7 to 8 % of the management fees received by the Operator (payable monthly ) for a maximum period of 15 years only, or earlier, in case of termination of the agreement.
* Depends on whether we represent both the parties or only one party, and deal size (no of keys).